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Below is a sampling of great comments we receive from users of the product.

Just a quick email to congratulate and thank you for this beautiful piece of software - everything about it is great. From the menus to the tips, from wizards to help file, functionality, settings, look, everything... just praises from me. Even not adding an "email sent using...." message is very kind from you. Very professional program.

Rafael Saraceni
Visualnet Solutions

Must say how good this postcast server is! I am a very small web builder and specialize in flash media server, one of my applications sends an email to allow recipients to view a video / audio recording (using php). My provider has recently made e-mail's need authorization and this somehow affected my application. Installing postcast and with some trial and error I have managed to get this to work again :). Now it will even send email to hotmail (something I had difficulty with before). I will be recommending postcast to all my contacts in future and speaking highly of your product.

So far I cannot fault your product in anyway. I use it to send emails from flash through php and unlike many other email servers I have tried the setup was really easy and it worked straight away. It allows me to send emails to hotmail and aol both of which reject emails that are relayed! Now so many providers are blocking relayed emails without authorization it makes sending from php difficult so you product overcomes this problem. My website is and my main application that uses it is my video email application.

Once again many thanks for a very useful product.


I like the ability to send using my current email client and email address, while connecting via any ISP. I also appreciated the ease of setup; I am not a computer expert by a long shot, but this software was a snap to get set up and working in less than five minutes.

Jill Bréhon

I'd just like to say your software is amazing and helped me solve a big problem. My final year project at university is web-based and requires users to be able to send messages to other users - your application seamlessly handled this when coupled with the Java Mail API that my application uses. Though I used the free version for this I will seriously consider purchasing the licensed version if I take my university project into commercial use.

I encountered no problems setting it up and my own application was able to use the server without a hiccup whatsoever. The only area I would like to see (which is quite different) is an application that actually hosts the email server - though this is a different type of application whatsoever and I don't know what would be necessary. What I mean is that I'd like to be able to host my own email server with either just an IP or resolving DNS name.

Andy Morris

I like the ability to send e-mail messages without using our ISP's services. Honestly, the software was very easy to install and configure and it performs admirably. I can not think of anything that you could do to improve it.

Cliff Normand

I have used many SMTP server some very light some heavy. but as far as reliability goes you take the cake you are the best. Please continue developing it is the best SMTP server I came across till now and its free. May I recommend you keep on upgrading this SMTP server?

With Thanks and regards,

Amolakh Nath Segal
Uttar Pradesh, India

PostCast Server is great, because I can sent mail from my business network and from home, with different providers, without changing my settings in the mail program!

A great solution!

Wim de Leeuw

It always works for me silently in the background, taking care of everything. I have no suggestions at the moment. I am satisfied. If I think of anything, I'll send a feedback again.

Yuvan Sankrityayan

It works like it says it does. It was delightfully easy to learn and be familiar with. Thanks Nenad for the way your software works so very well and for the generous free-trial version, plus the trial of the Pro version, that enabled me to fully trust the software before buying it.

So much cripple-ware out there; but one occasionally finds that the paid-for extras don't go --- so no more paying for cripple-ware! Your free version works perfectly adequately in my wife's laptop and was working perfectly in this computer. I unloaded the Pro Trial version (and put back the free version) because at the time I felt I would have to wait until after it ran out, before paying for it. However the free version wouldn't work any more in this computer ....So I re-routed this computer to use the free version still in my wife's laptop (essential for crucial emails) and that would have been perfectly ok from our usage point of view but today I paid for the full version because it's so good and we do pay for all the software we use anyway.

David Beale

Dear Nenad

Just a very quick note to say thank you for PostCast Server. I work in a High School and we are restricted to a heavily filtered and unfriendly WebMail system. Whilst I can access my POP3 box with Outlook, until PostCast server I could not send emails with it. Your program does "exactly what it says on the tin" and I would recommend it to anyone.

Like most registrants, we got a POP3 box but no SMTP server with the domain so your software lets me send emails from my domain rather than my home email - its worth its weight in gold for that alone! And you can quote me on that.

Chris Rowe

First and foremost it has created a greater sense of independence. I no longer feel reliant on the SMTP server facility provided by my ISP. I think the whole product is impressive, but perhaps the thing I like the most is the feedback that the product provides when sending the emails the server receives. You tend to know beforehand if an email address is going to fail for whatever reason, rather than having to wait (hours sometimes) before you get a failed delivery come back. The feedback provides a greater sense of reassurance and control. As an SMTP program I think it doesn't need improving. The one thing I did notice on my laptop (3 years old, using Win 98) was that sometimes some of the menu commands would remain on screen (even with a refresh), but I am not sure if this is software or hardware related.

Graham Goater

What a brilliant software. It is easy to setup, it works standalone, over LAN... It is a pity I did not know about it earlier. Answer to prayers for a traveler with a laptop. One big thank you.

Frank Schwerdt

I recently purchased a computer magazine which had an article about your email server and included on their cd-roms. After reading their articles with interest as I currently run 2 ISP's and did receive a relay error with one, I installed your fine product and have only just begun using it.  On my first transmission of emails (tests) from your server I certainly did notice the speed at which they were sent and of course I was logged onto the ISP that generated the "relay" error. Thanks to your excellent product transmission was 100% successful - zero errors. Also a very big thank you for providing this product free and have just downloaded the patch to upgrade to v2.6.0. Keep up the fantastic work for the smaller poorer users such as myself and hopefully your company will continue profitably.

Victor Winfield

Outstanding product! I've been struggling with sending email from Outlook over SMTP from hotels and remote sites for years. This tool solved all my problems in 5 minutes. THANK YOU!!

Mark Williams

I run my own business and have had trouble using SMTP to send e-mail since using AOL and would like to thank you for making this software available, reliable (so far) lightning quick and FREE! It is an example to all others and I shall certainly tell my mates about it. Thank you.

John Wilmshurst

Having just got a basic broadband package from British Telecom, I was horrified to find that this didn't include an e-mail account. This meant that I was relying on Hotmail to send e-mails. Now thanks to your PostCast SMTP Server software, I'm back in business. Many thanks for an excellent product.

David Warburton

I just wanted to thank you for providing information on Port 25 Mail Blocking.  Please add to your list of ISPs that apply it. Many thanks.

Timothy Basden

I think it is absolutely fantastic, simple to download, simple to use and have solved all of my mail problems in just 5 minutes. Thank you very much.

Rachel Henderson

I was particularly impressed with the speed of configuration since all the information was readily given as to how to set up and run - I managed it in around 5 minutes.

Nigel Bean

Sir, I would like to start this e-mail by telling you, "Thank you!," for creating PostCast Server. Not having access to my home or work SMTP Server at times sure has made it easy to keep essential communication.  If it weren't for individuals such as yourself helping others with free software that is not ad driven and doesn't have any spyware such as this, life would be much more complicated than it already is.  Please keep up the outstanding work you have contributed to software development. If there is any way I can help you in beta testing software that you create, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Have you ever thought of creating an E-mail Server software package?

Joe Cartmille


Just wanted to comment on the latest version. It flies now! Messages used to take 10-20 seconds to find the site and now when I send something from outlook and then hop into PostCast to make sure it gets sent (which I used to do because of the ping and DNS issues) it is often gone or going before I can bring it up!

Thanks for your efforts on this. It is great...

David Ransdell

I struggled to configure IIS5 SMTP Server but your setup wizard whizzed through the problems identifying them and finding alternative solutions.

I can never be bothered giving feedback normally but I'm so impressed I can't believe this is free. I'll be looking at all your other products now. Thanks

Rick Roberts

Mr. Oric,
Great application!! Keep up the good work. It saves considerable time sending mails with PostCast Server handling SMTP requests. The user interface is also well made unlike some of the other shabby alternatives which lack both feature and a good interface.
Once again, keep up the good work!
Arun Nair

Although I do not run a business, the PHP-based bulletin board community has prospered very much from the usage of your PostCast Server. This SMTP Server allows PHP webmasters to host their own SMTP e-mailing service for the bulletin boards that use e-mail lists (virtually all of them use e-mailing for one or more functions).

This software allows servers (home-hosted servers) to serve online (through a broadband connection) without ANY outside help from ANY outside servers! This is the final step in finalizing and making PHP based bulletin boards independent. This software is terrific!

I would like to see a function added to "show off" the e-mail usage: perhaps you may add a "global statistics" option that lists the number of messages sent total, the numbers of online hours and days, and etc. I believe this will be good in showing off to not only other companies, but could be used in advertising your Server (you could add an option to report the instances of say... 100 days online with 10,00,000 e-mails sent in that time period or whatnot.


PostCast Server is on the top of selected software list - as it's nothing less than essential for those traveling with a laptop.

Having reviewed software for some years now, I list on my web site carefully selected software that serve the niche of tools for travelers and travel professionals alike.

We even made a small "5 stars DeLuxe Travel Award" for the programs we have selected. PostCast Server is essential - and even for me who operates in travel and have three ISP's based in Cairo and two hosts in US, PostCast Server have become essential - no more 550 messages is reducing the spam amount with 25 per cent - LOL

Hope you like the listing; you deserve more - but at least the site got a bit of traffic, so I do hope it bring a bit more people to you.

Kind regards,

Arnvid Aakre
Product & Development Manager


This message is being sent to you 10 minutes after having installed PostCast on my PC.

Most of that time I spent being dumbstruck by its simplicity of use.

I actually had it running within a minute after I installed it. You said there was just the SMTP entry to change for my e-mail client, and that is all it took! Your program told me what to change it to, and voila, it worked like a charm!

You have solved one of my *MAJOR* frustrations -- my ISP will allow me to POP my e-mail from anywhere, but not send out e-mail even if I POP authenticate. I like to send e-mail from home (cable modem to ISP), work (internal LAN), and when I am on the road (dial in to the internet) anywhere on the planet.

My "poor man's" solution was to have a second e-mail account on a free POP/SMTP service I use whenever I am not at home (on the ISPs network). There were problems with this, of course:

? The free POP/SMTP Server was not always up and running
? Even when it was up and running, my message delivery was unpredictable - depending on the load on the free POP/SMTP Server.
? People would get confused whether to send to my "regular" paid e-mail address, or my free POP/SMTP address.
? Anyone who hit "Reply" for my non-home messages, would send e-mail to the free POP/SMTP address - which is not what I wanted.
? The free service would not let me use my regular e-mail address as the "reply-to" address, since they pop-authenticate.
? Sometimes, when I am at home, even my ISP's Servers go down.

What a piece of software. I spent more time reading all about it on your website, as also going through all the testimonials, than it took to install and get it running.

And, the price is right. (I still don't know how you do it)

Your software is amazing. Loved it!

I am going to tell everyone I know on the planet.

Thank you. THANK YOU!!

Ajai Thirumalai

I want to personally thank you for developing PostCast Server and making it freely available to the masses. I travel a great deal and my ISP only allows me to access their SMTP gateway when connected to their network.  Your program was precisely what I needed to send mail while on the road.

PostCast Server allows me to send SMTP mail from any location in the world, regardless of my ISP affiliation, provided I am connected to the public Internet.

I like the extremely granular configurability of the program and I like the overall design - very clean, very professional.

John Scherff

I installed the PostCast Server on my PC after changing to line only broadband. My old ISP would allow me to use their POP3 Server but wouldn't allow SMTP.
I now have full e-mail facilities maintaining my old e-mail address but using low cost broadband. Thanks again.
Jo Corless

Mr. Oric:
As a technology strategy consultant in the US, I connect to dozens of corporate networks when I work on site. For years, I have had to maintain separate e-mail accounts in Outlook to enable me to send from various customer sites. That was until I found your PostCast Server product -- it is PERFECT solution to my dilemma. The fact that you make it available free is even better. I think there is an incredible need for this exact type of technology in the US.
So, all this is to tell you THANKS for PostCast and for making it available for free to me. Be assured, I will recommend PostCast and your other products whole heartedly!
David Anbari

Hey Nenad,

I just wanted to say that this is a very cool and useful program and has solved many headaches I had with e-mail in general. There have been a few issues but I think they are mostly resolved. I am impressed with your support and quick responses. Do you ever get any sleep?

Thanks again,

Thank you! You have saved my life! I spent the last year getting people to our-opt in e-mail list and realized, a few weeks ago, that I can't send any messages. I am with AOL and they have no SMTP Server for mass e-mail. I have spent weeks searching. Thank God I found you!

I will recommend you to all my friends and clients

Thanks guys

Joe Brown
D&J Advertising Services

I like the simplicity. I thought setting up an SMTP Server was way beyond me but I had your program up and running in just a few minutes.

It needs to run as a service on an NT Server instead of a program. That way terminal server users will be able to use your program as well.

Steve Paltridge

I purchased the domain above from about a year ago and never used it as my site had been hosted by my ISP using their URL. I changed my ISP and purchased hosting from easyspace which included a POP3 account.

It was driving me crazy trying to send mail from my outlook account. I couldn't understand why I was receiving mail, but couldn't send any, however, technical help at easyspace told me to contact PostCast Server and I would be sorted.

I would just like to thank you for the free software as I am a poor artist and I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Jim Collins

Having problems with SMTP Server of my ISP (Turkish Telecom), I decided to give a try to your software which I found by chance, while seeking for a free mail service with SMTP support.
I have just downloaded version 2.0.11 and currently making my first trials. I' m using your software with MS-Outlook under Windows XP. PostCast Server seems to be working perfectly.
Thank you for writing this software and sharing it with others.
P.S. note: I'm wondering if it is possible to find out any software on the internet which will serve for mail forwarding from a POP3 server. I will appreciate if you could drop a few lines on this matter... thank you very much anyway.

Kerem Kurluva

Although I have completed your feedback form I just wanted to write and say thank you in person.  Until recently I have been using CompuServe as my business e-mail, for the last 6 years. I run a very small secretarial company and being a complete computer dunce I didn't know there was any other way of doing things. Recently AOL have decided that they are shutting down CompuServe completely and I was left high and dry,  I was so unimpressed by AOL's behavior that I was determined that I was not going to use them for our e-mail.

So what to do? I spotted a little segment about your program on the OpenHosting web site, so I thought, why not, what on earth have I got to lose?

Your program was so simple to follow and the instructions were clear even for a complete moron like me.  Now I can use our domain names for e-mail, which looks better for my business.  I'm no longer at the mercy of AOL and I feel much more confident about my abilities on the PC.
So thank you, thank you thank you.

Lisa Ford

Dear Nenad,
I can't thank you enough for making the PostCast Server publicly available. It solved an extremely bothersome "Relaying Denied" problem that no one ? and I mean NO ONE ? had any clue about. I was lucky enough to discover it through a keyword search on Google.
Again, thanks!
Tim Tesluk
Hong Kong

I downloaded it today and I think it's super!  I own my own domain names and use my friends e-mail Server for messages but couldn't send e-mail from work using those addresses until now. It seems to run quite well even under Windows 95 and doesn't bog me down at all so far.  Thanks!

Dan Lemke

I use AOL to dial up and connect to the internet and as everyone knows, they do not provide SMTP support. When I found your PostCast program, it solved all my problems. The internet is full of free stuff, but rarely do you come across something free and so thoroughly useful as your program! Thank You!

Phil Smit

I just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks for creating PostCast
Server and distributing it free.

Before I found PostCast Server, I was having a heck of a time with my ISP's unreliable SMTP Server. I also couldn't get my ISP to stop obscuring my domain name. But
PostCast was a god-send. I downloaded and installed it in under 15 minutes, and now everything just works perfectly. My own SMTP Server! Why didn't I think for that before? Thank you!


Arthur Guray
President, YEAA, Inc.

Dear Nenad,
I have one word for your PostCast Server program - WOW!  This program is just what I was needed to fix a problem I've had for almost 1 year now.
I am a college student and with your program I can now send e-mail with my college e-mail address in the header using Outlook from my home computer.
Previously I could not reply to my instructor's e-mails or send out any e-mail with the Outlook or OE clients, regardless of configuration settings. I had to log on to the school's website and send mail through the browser. It was a nuisance, but I believed I had no choice. My school does not provide an authenticated SMTP Server for off-campus computers.
Thank you for making this excellent, very professional looking program available for free.
Ken Templin

I wanted to thank you for making such a high quality piece of software available for free. Thanks to PostCast Server I can point my entire LAN to one mail Server that is guaranteed to be up when I need it. I'm no longer dependent on my local service provider. As a web application developer, it's also a boon insofar as my local Server is always under my control, and I can determine how it handles the mail that my apps send. I can send mail to a local machine, again without relying on external Servers to take care of it for me.

I especially appreciate the attention paid to the documentation (the help files). Even though the interface is designed well enough that it's rarely necessary, it's nice to have something to dig into.

Writing an app's not an easy thing to do, and to give away something so polished is quite generous.

Thanks Again!

Frank Marion
Framar Studios

I don't have a real business he he, but I found your program would let me utilize the E-Mail functions of the message board without having to install MS SMTP server. I'm learning to do this all on my cable connection as a learning experience. Using Apache Web Server, mySQL windows port (Still figuring it out), PHP4, and Perl. I'm doing all this cause I want to learn how to use it, but without having to go into Linux though I'm learning that also on the side. The old Ikonboard didn't need me to have mySQL or use the new e-mail functions, and while the new one doesn't require the use of the e-mail functions I just thought it would be nice to be able to use it anyways. Someday I hope the skills I acquire in learning how to use all this stuff helps land me a job in the future. =)

Santiago Mediano


I am an AOL user and I'm sure you are aware of the problem of trying to send emails using a non AOL client. I needed to do this, as I wanted to send emails with my domain name. PostCast? It's fantastic and free!

If only I knew about this earlier. I know it's not money but I hope a sincere "Thank You!" is a way of showing my appreciation.

Nascent Ltd

Through an error on the part of my DSL provider, Qwest Communications, my ability to send email was disabled. I spent five hours on the phone with the Qwest technical support staff only to find that they would take ten days to restore my ability to send email. Then I found Postcastserver and in ten minutes, I was back in business. Bravo!

Robert Rubin

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't seen software written this well in ages!! Thumbs up to your programming and keep up the good work!

Ben Lewis

I would mainly like to thank you for contributing such a great way to increase one's flexibility in what used to be out of reach to the internet community. And that you don't charge anything for it is really remarkable. Your product functions excellent even on our quite instable system. Wish you all the best in software development and life in general. Greetings.

Floris Frieswijk

When Rogers Cable here in Ontario, Canada broke off from Excite@Home, they drastically changed their e-mail system and prevented me from sending e-mail with my @ROGERS.COM e-mail address masked as they were also blocking port 25, but PostCast server allowed me to change the port number and now I can send under my vanity address. To make a long story short, I Love You!

Paul Armstrong

I have to say this; I am so blown away by your software. I cannot believe it was a free piece of software. You have NO idea how important your software is to my company. I hated sending mass emails to my customers due to the way my ADSL was sending my emails. I had some wild off the wall email address and people did not like this. Again, I bow to such a great piece of software and I'm looking forward to future releases. If I may make a suggestion, or better yet, do you have FULL pop mail server software that has the same look and feel as PostCast? If so, where is it and how much! HAHAH!

William Mocahbee
NetGripper Communications

Dear Nenad,

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your time writing this very useful program (Postcast server). It has been a year since my organization banned me from using their outgoing SMTP server to relay my e-mail. As of today onward, I am free to send my e-mail straight to the internet instead of using my ISP and my organization's SMTP servers.

Let me thank you again for your time and effort in making this possible. Keep up the excellent work.

Samuel Petau
Papua New Guinea

I had been struggling with the problem of my ISP not providing SMTP service except for its own domain emails. I was on the point of asking them to set up relaying of my domain's emails (at a fee, of course) when I discovered PostCast Server. In 10 minutes, I had cracked the whole problem - and I'm not an internet guru by any means.

Great software and easy to use as well. I'll recommend it for sure to others. Well done!

Pete Menhennet

Nenad Oric,

I wanted to say thank you for your fantastic PostCast Server. We have recently implemented Goldmine and could not easily use its email feature on our Windows NT laptops. Goldmine can send email messages and automatically attach those messages to each client contact in the system. Before finding your application, the only way the emails could successfully be sent was to connect to our office VPN and relay through our internal server. Now we use PostCast Server on each laptop and initiate the messages from the local system.

Matthew Prentice

It's the perfect program! Congratulation to ALL the team, keep on moving. You've been a great job and a piece of jewel is in your hands (and in ours too!)

Gabriel Sic

PostCast Server has solved my sending problems when I connect through different ISPs while traveling. It has solved all the frustrating ISP SMTP problems once and for all. Thank you for making this program available.

Gary Stein

First, please accept my thanks for creating and freely distributing such a wonderful product! I am a traveling professional who has a cable modem service at my home office. When I travel, which is quite often, I use their POP3 server to receive my email, but they do not provide SMTP service so sending messages is a problem. This is not a problem when I use my CompuServe dialup account to connect to the Internet because under those circumstances I can use the CompuServe SMTP server. However, when I am able to tie into a high-speed connection in airport lounges or at hotels (like I am right now at the Singapore Marriott) it presents a problem. Your product solves this issue. THANK YOU!

Thanks again for creating and distributing such a GREAT product!

Chuck Kinch


I would like to say thanks for the wonderful freeware program. I think that if most people would take into consideration that this is a freeware effort with no strings attached, they would understand a person cannot commit every minute of everyday to it.
I for one am very happy there are people such as yourself that take the time to code programs such as PostCast Server.

It is my favorite program. I use it continually for all of my SMTP needs on StarBand as the latency between the satellite and the user caused timeout errors previously.

Since using PostCast Server, I have never had a failure.

I love PostCast Server. Does exactly what I wanted it to do. When I am traveling around teaching, I like to send mail from my laptop, but the SMTP servers on my mail accounts don't allow relaying. This is a wonderful product! Thank you.
Alan Harper

It is said that true elegance lies in simplicity, and PostCast Server is a ringing testimonial to this adage!

Thank you for a great product!
Gautam Patel

I am very happy with your latest update to the program. Every issue I was having is now fixed. Your program is great! Please, know that your work is appreciated! Keep up the outstanding programming!

Joe Kowalski

Considering the size of my newsletter, and the restrictions imposed upon me by the area's only web provider, I want to say Thank You for PostCast! Now I can send many e-mails without fear of violating my member agreement with my internet provider! My newsletter members will be thrilled to once again get information on time! Thanks!


Everything about this software is ace. It is definitely my favorite freebie.

Stephen Park

This program will allow our monitoring package to email us rather than page, which will greatly speed up the notification process. The dial on demand feature is a god send.  Also, the ip security options are very nice.

Dave Behler

I just needed an smtp server to use netscape messenger through an French AOL connection which doesn't provide any smtp service. It works great !! I like the overall ease to set it up and use.

Yannick Ribau

I have ADSL through Verizon, and their mail servers are always down. Now I can keep sending mail (without having to reboot into linux).

PostCast was a breeze to set up and secure, and I was sending mail with legitimate headers in no time. I wish sendmail was this easy!

Thank You,

Jorey Bump

Web Site Project

?My 'business' is now purely non-profitmaking, but it will certainly make emailing my connections much easier and quicker.

The program is very, very easy to setup and configure, and then it just gets on with it. I am lost in admiration (and gratitude) It's incredible that it is free - it puts a lot of commercial software to shame in the care that has gone into it.?

Mikle Coker

?This program is really great. I put this program on everyone's laptops and it doesn't matter where they are, they can still send messages. Thanks for a great program.?

Justin McCulley

I just wanted to share something with you I run a small web server on my home computer (cable connection). On it I have a small website that is humor related (it's cute, check it out). Works fine on my bandwidth, even though I get a bunch of traffic.

Anyway, the way I had it set up, at the end of the site (more of a joke actually, hehe), there's an option to send an Email to all your friends or whatnot. So I looked for a form-based CGI program that would connect to an SMTP server to send the mails. Couldn't find any.

I'm handy with ASP, so I wrote me up a little script that interacted with a custom component (that I also had to write) that would use Winsock to connect to an SMTP server. Took me bout 3 hours, but I got it running. Had it connecting to my ISP's SMTP server, and it worked great (to my suprise, actually, hehe I always downplay my programming).

The problem was that my ISPs SMTP server is about half a country away. Needless to say, the lag time was high, and it was holding up the script, so I'd have users clicking the 'Send EMails' button so much I had to put a notice on the page...

At first, I didn't go looking for SMTP server software. Actually, I was looking for an externally hosted server. I came across a site that had a bunch of 'freebee' links and such on it, and started scrolling through it. Found "Free SMTP Server Software" in the list and thought, 'hey, maybe...' So I DLed it and played around with it, got it running, and set up my component to talk to the PostCast server, and BOY is there a speed increase!! The button gets clicked, and there's NO delay! I love it!

I just thought I'd share with you the success I'm having with it. It's a great product, and I'm extremely greatful it was a free download!

Well, at any rate, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you once again on a great produce!

btw: The address to my little site is it's humorous, check it out, hehe and test out the email sender program.

Garan Singer

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