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Firewall and Proxy Support

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This feature enables you to send e-mail through other proxy servers on your Local Area Network (LAN) or on the Internet. If the only way to connect to the Internet on you LAN is through the firewall, you can use this feature to run the program even if the direct connection to the Internet is not available. If the main purpose of using PostCast Server is to handle your personal outgoing e-mail on different networks and while traveling, paying for the proxy service or using free socks proxy servers is the way to go.

Solution for Port 25 Blocking and DNS Lookups

When the message is sent through the proxy server, your dynamic IP address is not embedded in the message headers and detected by the remote mail server. The default port for socks proxy is 1080. The program will be able to send messages directly from your computer, even if the port 25 is blocked by your ISP. This feature also enables the program to send messages to those servers that block connections from dynamic IP addresses.

When to Use Firewall Settings

You can use the Firewall settings in PostCast Server for the following situations:

  1. Sending through a proxy server on the LAN
  2. Using your ISP's proxy server
  3. Sending through open proxy servers
  4. Sending through paid proxy servers


Sending through a proxy server on the LAN

A proxy server allows users on a network to use Internet services without having a direct connection to the Internet. A proxy server allows all computers on the network to use a shared Internet connection. Proxy servers are intermediate servers which forward requests from clients to the Internet. For more information see the Firewalls and Proxies Explained topic.

Using your ISP's proxy server

Some ISPs offer access to their socks proxy server. You can find out if your ISP provides socks proxy access in the support section on their web site. If they do, you can use their socks proxy server address to configure the program to send messages. The default port for SOCKS proxy is 1080 or 1081. Their server's IP address will be the source of your outgoing messages instead of your dynamic IP address that assigned to your computer at the moment your Internet connection is established.

Sending through open proxy servers

Companies and ISPs often use caching in proxy servers to reduce the load on their networks. If nothing is blocking connections from the outside, it is possible to connect to those open proxy servers and send messages through them. There are also programs available on the Internet that automatically redirect your traffic through multiple proxy servers and are able to chain proxies together. See the topics below for more information:

Sending through paid proxy servers

Some companies offer a paid access to their proxy servers. You can use their service to have a reliable way to send messages and to bypass all the restrictions imposed by your ISP. The most popular company is They have a lot of IP addresses and server names you can use to connect to their socks proxies. This company has a strict policy against sending Spam. The cost for the service is $24.95 per month. With this price tag, their service is probably more interesting to businesses sending newsletters and notifications to their customers than to individuals for sending private e-mail messages.

HiddenSurf provides SSHsurf Secure Tunneling Service access to their servers for $4.95 per month. When you open an account, you need to contact them and let them know that you would like the SSHsurf service to be activated for your account. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get in touch with them after signing up. They did not respond to my questions so I cannot guarantee that PostCast Server will be able to send messages through their proxy servers.

If you know about any other company that provides access to their proxy servers, please let me know.

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