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Firewall and Proxy Settings

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To display the Firewall Settings window, open the Settings/Connection window and press the Settings button in the Firewall section:

Firewall type

The program works with SOCKS4/5 or Tunneling proxy servers. Do not confuse them with the standard HTTP proxy servers that usually work on ports 8080 and 8021. The program is not able to send messages through HTTP proxies. These types of proxy servers are supported:

  1. Tunneling Proxy. Default port number is 80.
  2. SOCKS4. Default port number is 1080.
  3. SOCKS5. Default port number is 1080.

Requires authentication

The User and Password values are used to connect and authenticate to the given firewall. If the authentication fails, an error is fired during the sending process.


The Servers section allows you to set addresses and port numbers for SMTP, HTTP, and DNS protocols separately. If the Address text box is set to a domain name, a DNS request is initiated and upon successful termination of the request, the program uses the received IP address to connect to the firewall. If the search is not successful, an error is returned.


Sets the proxy server address for SMTP connections. The SMTP protocol is used to send messages.


HTTP requests are used to check for product updates if you enable 'Automatically check for updates' check box in the Settings/Advanced window. The program connects to the server and periodically downloads a text file which contains information about the latest version from:


Enter the address of your ISP's DNS server if you have direct connection to the Internet. If you connect to the Internet through a Local Area Network (LAN), enter the IP address of the computer on the network that works as a proxy server.


The TCP port text boxes contain port numbers for SMTP, HTTP, and DNS services. Note that the port number is set automatically when Firewall Type is changed.

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