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SocksChain Application

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SocksChain runs as a local proxy server on your computer on ports 1081 or 1080 and transmits queries through a chain of remote proxy servers. The program establishes a number of connections to open proxy servers on the Internet to deliver your messages.

When SocksChain is running on your computer, it allows incoming connections from the Internet. Your computer will act as an open relay allowing others to connect to your computer. To block access to the program, use SocksChain together with a software or a hardware firewall. Another approach is to open the Settings window in SocksChain and select the "Enable connections only from localhost" check box:


Three basic steps are required in order to configure PostCast Server to send messages through SocksChain. If all settings are correct, PostCast Server will first establish a connection to SocksChain and then to the remote proxy servers to deliver messages:

  1. Install and run the SocksChain software
  2. Configure PostCast Server to use SocksChain
  3. Send messages from PostCast Server

1. Install and run the SocksChain software

First download the copy of the program from The program costs $49. A fully functional 30-day trial version is available. You have enough time to install the program and purchase it if you are satisfied with the results.

The installation process is straightforward and automatic. The program installs itself into the " c :\Program Files\SocksChain " folder and creates a shortcut on your desktop. Open the program and select the "Tools/Proxy Manager" from the menu to get the latest list of proxy servers:

When you press the 'Update list' button, the program downloads the list of proxy servers from the web site. Press the 'Test all' button to find the servers that work. If the server is accessible, a yellow light bulb icon is shown as on the picture below. Close the window after the program completes the test:


2. Configure PostCast Server to use SocksChain

After the installation, SocksChain creates a chain of servers on port 1081. You need to instruct PostCast Server to use port 1081 on local computer to connect to SocksChain. Open the Firewall Settings window from the Settings/Connection window and instruct the program to use a local SocksChain SOCKS5 server to send messages. You need to enter in the SMTP and HTTP text boxes and 1081 for port numbers as shown on the picture below. Use the DNS address of your ISP. To find a correct DNS address, press the CTRL+I to open the Network Configuration window.

3. Send messages from PostCast Server

Send a test message to your own e-mail address from PostCast Server. SocksChain will quickly create a chain of proxy servers and send your message through them.

If you see the activity in the program, but the message cannot be sent, it is possible that SocksChain was not able to find working socks proxy servers. It is difficult sometimes to find a SOCKS proxy which will reliably deliver mail to all addresses. Some of them block port 25 and are unusable for mail delivery. Others are rejected by various anti-spam services, or appear on the blacklists. Use the Tools/Proxy Manager window in SocksChain to download the latest list of working servers or find the lists by yourself and add the addresses to the program by pressing the Add button in the Proxy Manager.

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